The craftily curious paper flower workshop.

The craftily curious paper flower workshop.

  • two women in a paper flower workshop
When a group of participants in a craft workshop excitedly discuss how they can develop their new skill, encouraging and developing each others ideas, you know the time has been a success. Tie dye, marbled and batik papers being used, along with photographs and a tonal waterfall display were planned at our first paper flower introduction workshop in Manchester.

We had a mixture of couples and friends, the wedding focussed and the craftily curious. Despite the weather being glorious and us having to work inside, the vibe was relaxed, creative and fun. Surely, tea, treats, and crafting can only lead to laughter and smiles.

At Paper-rose each workshop is planned to teach skills and build the confidence of each participant so they will be able to develop ideas to suit their personal style and vision. Although these workshops are advertised for people who are planning a wedding it’s just as valid to those planning other events or  even those who simply want to learn a new skill.

The group proudly caressed their creations as they strode out to catch the last of the sun, filled with ideas and plans for their future paper flowers.

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