Tea, cake, a slightly colder than comfortable outdoors and the No Sew Bunting making workshop.
Saturday afternoon and the sun hovered behind a cloud as I arrived for the No Sew Bunting making workshop in South Manchester. There was a flurry of excitement amongst us all dreaming of “the start of summer”. What a quintessentially British afternoon we had planned, tea, cake, and bunting making. The “sunshine” gave us no choice but to move the furniture outside to “enjoy the sun” whilst working. It was beautiful for approximately 20 minutes before the jumpers came out, and a little shiver whilst cutting with pinking shears caused the slight drama of a miscut line but at least the rain didn’t start until 30 seconds after we’d finished.

This was a private group workshop, and I was invited to run the No Sew Bunting workshop in the host’s house, for a group of friends. I turned up with my car load of fabrics and scissors and set the group to work. Each participant had three fabrics and chose three letters to work with. The couples in the group joined their allocation together to make awesome 6m bunting spelling out “AD&KIM” and “GARDEN” by the couple who love to host barbeques.

Everyone worked really hard and it was so much fun even Paulie the neighbour’s cat came for a nosey, though I’m sure she was disappointed to have found a pile of fabric instead of a pile of food.

This workshop teaches participants to make bunting including lettering without the need for a sewing machine. To book a private workshop or hen party visit our dedicated page.