At some points in our lives we find ourselves going to loads of weddings, and the truth is sometimes its hard to decipher one from the next. When it comes to our own wedding most of us want it to be unique, memorable, and talked about in years to come. So, how do we make our wedding unique and stand out from the others?

The uniqueness of your wedding is in you as a couple. Think about the characteristics of you individually and together. Are you laid back and informal? Or do you love a bit of luxury? Do you love music? Or food? Beer or wine? Do you travel a lot or have a favourite football team? How did you meet or get engaged? All these interests or quirks can make your wedding completely individual.

The most memorable weddings I’ve been to, have represented the couple. From invitations styled like vintage travel documents to a venue being chosen primarily for its great selection of beers. From a vintage bus to carry guests to the reception to a festival themed wedding complete with camping. All of these statements, whether big or small, gave an insight into the couple. 

When I got married in 2012, we used my love of antique typewriters as the comments book and asked guests to select a favourite song for our reception playlist. I used my skills as an artist to make handmade bunting which included an old A to Z of the city we love and paper roses out of my husband’s old sheet music. These handmade decorations still adjourn our house as a memory of our special day.

When looking to find inspiration for your unique wedding look no further than yourselves, your interests, and your passions.

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