There’s a real trend for DIY weddings at the moment.  Button bouquets, paper flowers, and invitations sneakily printed at work. Weddings are being filled with the handmade. From bonding with your bridesmaids, to keeping your budget low, here are some of the reasons that creating your own DIY wedding is the way to go.

Create a memorable DIY wedding

I imagine that everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. The event that your friends are still talking about in years to come. By choosing a DIY wedding, you’ll be putting your own stamp on the day and creating something completely unique and personal to you and your spouse to be, that will also stick in the minds of your guests.


An image of a book sculpture with lots of cut out images popping out of it.

Learn new skills

I don’t know about you, but I love learning new skills. That sense of pride when you achieve something for the first time. Attend a craft workshop or think of a skill you loved doing as a kid and reignite the fun. From wool pom-pom making to paper flowers, just figure out what you’d like to learn and go with it. If it’s something you enjoy, making won’t become a chore. And you don’t have to learn solo…

An image of lots of different papers used to make wedding decorations 

Bonding experiences for your wedding party 

My top tip is to share the workload of a handmade wedding. Hold regular craft evenings for you and your bridal party to make together whilst having a catch-up and even a cheeky glass of wine. It’s also a lovely way to get the family involved in the wedding. We often get mums, future mum in laws and grandmothers attending our workshops with the bride to be. Delegate the jobs you don’t have time (or the inclination)to do. From cleaning jam jars to making tissue pom poms get everyone involved.


An image of a group of people in a DIY wedding workshop

Have the pride of being able to say “I made this”

Your wedding day is awesome, you look amazing, everyone’s having fun and you keep getting asked where you got your wonderful decorations… “I made them myself” is the icing on the cake (not literally) only beaten by friends or family still talking about your creations in months to come when they pop round to visit and see your beautiful bouquet on the mantelpiece.


An image of jars with tea lights and paper flowers at a DIY wedding

Keep the budget low

And finally, the obvious reason to DIY a wedding is the budget. We all know weddings can be expensive so saving on decorations, flowers or stationery can really add up. You might even save enough to get the photographer you had your heart set on.

Whatever your reasons to DIY a wedding the most important thing is to have fun!

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